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Malaysian startup Printcious uses Epson to diversify into new markets

Blog post   •   Aug 18, 2016 12:35 +08

A Malaysian startup Printcious, which relies on personalised products, has used Epson's specialised print solutions to help diversify into new markets.

Local entrepreneur, founder and managing director of gift printing startup Printcious, Vincent Tong said his personalisation printing business has been boosted with digital imaging and print solutions provider Epson's F6070 Dye-Sublimation printer and the F2000 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer.

Tong said the use of these printers has helped to efficiently personalise gifts made from a range of materials. These include T-shirts, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, ceramic tiles, mugs, and keychains.

"[Such personalised] gifts can be quite expensive and shoppers who shop for gifts often waste a lot of time just looking for the right personalised gifts because it's not easy finding the right ones," he said.

The personalised do-it-yourself (DIY) premium gift printing market was still at a nascent stage but holds much potential, said Tong, adding that a successful business operating in this sector needed to deliver "extremely high-quality as well as the ability to be able to directly print onto garments and ceramic surfaces."

He said the Epson solutions were able to meet these criteria and invested in the SureColor F6070 Dye-Sublimation printer and the Epson SureColor F2000 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer. Dye-Sublimation printers are specialised devices that are used to produce high photo quality colour artwork that can be transferred onto polyester and polymer-coated substrates, as well as onto textiles and gift items such as mugs, wooden plaques, and plastics.

Both the Epson SureColor F6070 Dye-Sublimation and SureColor F2000 DTG printers use Epson's proprietary technology known as Micro Piezo print heads, which eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure.

Expanding overseas

Tong said his web-based business model, which rests on users logging in to the website to select and personalise their gifts, also has the potential to be replicated in other countries such as Singapore and Philippines.

He said Epson's technical support was an added benefit to the business. "As we are not technical people, after-sales support is crucial for us as we can't afford any downtime. If there is one thing I've learnt as an entrepreneur starting up Printcious is this: As a valued partner, Epson has empowered and enabled me to build a successful business."